About Us

The Butcher Block was established in July 2003 by owners Dan and Chris Veihl.
Dan was born and raised in Quincy and has been in the meat business for 32 years, most of his life. They have three children: Emlea, 17, Ashlyn, 15 and Andrew, 11. Previous owners, Jim and Carol Skirvin, owned the company for 28 years (1976 – 2004). The Ruff Locker was owned by Bert Ruff from (…. -1976)

We sell the following products at the Butcher Block: Certified Hereford Beef,
Non-Injected Fresh Pork. Fresh, Never Frozen Poultry

Over 30 Flavors of Home Made Sausages; made on site

Boar’s Head Lunchmeats and Cheese which have no preservatives, no MSG and are gluten free

Spices, Rubs, BBQ Sauces at there best

We carry the best and only the best.