Sandwich Menu

We are excited to present our new sandwich menu!
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Cold Sandwiches

1. New Yorker - $5.99

Roast beef on rye bread, dijon mustard, dill pickle slices, onion, cole slaw

2. The Vegetarian - $5.99

Green pepper, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato, onion, olives, with or without cheese.

3. Black and Bleu Wrap - $5.99

Roast beef, bleu cheese, romaine lettuce and diced tomatoes

4. The Spicy Italian - served on Italian Bread $5.99

Boar’s Head prosciutto, Boar’s Head hard salami, Boar’s Head sharp provolone, sliced banana peppers, red pepper flakes, served on a ciabatta roll with olive oil, served hot or cold.

5. Bourbon Street - $4.99

Cotto salami, bologna, chopped ham, tomato, lettuce, marinated veggies, provolone cheese with yellow mustard

6. The Hawaiian - $4.99

Ham, sliced pineapple and vermont cheddar cheese

7. Gobble Gobble - $4.99

Turkey, white cranberry cheese, fresh spinach

8. The Horseradish Beef - served on ciabatta bread $5.99

Boar’s Head seasoned fillet of roast beef, Boar’s Head horseradish cheddar cheese and Boar’s Head horseradish sauce.

9. The Hoagie – served on Italian Bread $4.99

Boar’s Head Tavern Ham, Boar’s Head Oven Gold Turkey, and Boar’s Head Yellow American Cheese. Includes: lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo

10. The Muffeletta - served on Italian Bread $6.99

Boar’s Head sweet sliced ham, Boar’s Head morta della, Boar’s Head genoa salami, Boar’s Head sharp provolone and Boar’s head mozzeralla. Includes onion and olive spread.

11. Greek Wrap – $5.99

Chicken, tomatoes, olives, feta, onion, with cucumber sauce

12. Sicilian – $6.99

Italian prosciutto, basil asiago, sliced tomato, red pepper flakes
Butcher Block Sandwich Menu

Butcher Block Sandwich Menu

Hot Sandwiches

13. Pastrami - $5.99

Swiss cheese with red cabbage served hot

14. The Rachel - $5.99

Turkey reuben – turkey, baby swiss, slaw, russian dressing on rye bread, hot or cold

15. The Lunchwich - $5.99

Tavern ham, havarti cheese, ridges potato chips (chips are in the sandwich)

16. Grilled BBQ Pulled Pork - $5.99

Pulled pork, cheddar, green apples, served hot

17. Grilled St. Patrick Reuben - $5.99

Corned Beef, Baby Swiss, sauerkraut and russian dressing, served hot

18. Grilled Chicken Salad - $5.99

With boiled egg and spinach, served hot

19. Grilled Tuna Melt - $4.99

Tuna, add any cheese, served hot

20. Grilled Chicken Club - $5.99

Chicken, our homemade bacon, ranch with lettuce and tomato

21. Grilled Polish Sausage - $4.99

With red cabbage or green peppers and onions, served hot

22. Grilled Old Fashioned Jumbo Hot Dog - $3.99

Served hot

23. Grilled Pimento Cheese Spread - $3.99

Served hot

24. Grilled Smoked Tavern Ham, Smoked Gryere and Smoked Gouda - $5.99

Served hot

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